According to Rosetta, engaged consumers buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per transaction and are five times more likely to stick with a brand.

So what is brand loyalty?

When a customer has a positive experience, they are more inclined to go back and purchase from you again, regardless of what a competitor does to attract those same customers. They see you as their preferred option and stay loyal to your brand.

What contributes to brand loyalty?

There are many factors that contribute to creating loyal customers. You need to create a great experience from start to finish, including being a reliable company with great customer service.

Attractive Branding

Successful brands have sleek and attractive branding. A lot of people will pay for products that have certain brandings, such as Apple, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. People will see this as a luxury to own.

If your branding is outdated, it might make you look outdated. An example is a marketing brand with an outdated logo and website, people may choose to go elsewhere as they may think your methods and design skills won’t be fresh and sleek.

If your company seems outdated, it might be worth looking into a rebrand or adjusting your existing branding to make it appear more modern.

Consistent Brand

Linking in with attractive branding, it is also just as important to keep your branding consistent so that you are easily recognisable to your audience. This will help to ensure they remember the name of your company and becoming a returning customer.

Brand Personality

Matching the right brand personality to your target audience will build your trust and keep your audience engaged. If you are relatable, they will feel more comfortable with you and are more likely to make future purchases.

If your company targets a young audience, your tone of voice might be informal and fun. Whereas if your audience is a lot older, such as 60-80, it will be more formal and informative.


One of the most important qualities people look for in a business is honest communication. They want full transparency about any product and/or services being sold and an outline of full costs. There is nothing worse than hidden costs, or finding out something about a product that was included in the small fine print.

Unique Selling Point

A unique selling point is a factor that differs you from your competitors. Something you offer which isn’t offered by your competition and puts you at an advantage. You should do some competitor research to come up with your unique selling point and then use this to market your business.

Great Customer Service

Providing a personable experience for each of your customers will create loyalty. Make sure your customer service has a fast response time and you are easily contactable. There is nothing more frustrating than when you are trying to contact a company and their contact details are impossible to find. Some good ideas to help with this is a FAQs page with common questions, online chat, and social media profiles on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook that they can quickly ask questions through.

Fast Turnaround

The demand for fast delivery is becoming one of the deciding factors when making purchases. With companies like Amazon offering 1-day delivery on a range of items, it can be hard to compete.

Easily accessible

Customers want easy access to your products and services. The customer journey is an important factor to keep your customers coming back. You need to look at questions such as how accessible is my website? How easy is it for customers to get in touch with us?

Why is it so important?

Brand loyalty is important because it will generate a steady income for the business. You won’t have to rely heavily on marketing yourself to new customers because your existing customers will keep making purchases.

It will also contribute to word of mouth marketing, which is a powerful method of getting your brand names across and generating new sales. Word of mouth is when your customers recommend you to their friends and family or leave positive online reviews which convince others to choose you.

We can help your business to be more brand focused and we have a number of different ways to support you.  We work with businesses to provide them with talented Digital Marketing apprentices who can help to elevate their brand and build a loyal customer base.  We also have a number of training courses designed to upskill employees. A list of options can be found below:

We can help you to build a loyal customer base

Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship

Our Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship is an 18-month programme that we deliver in the North West and South Yorkshire areas. We have carefully positioned classrooms in Manchester and Rotherham to provide easy access to our learners.

During the apprenticeship, learners will spend 20% of their working time to complete off-the-job training, with the remaining 80% in the workplace.

If you’d like to know more about our apprenticeship programme, please visit here.

Introduction to Digital Technologies

Our Introduction to Digital Technologies qualification prepares learners so that they’re work-ready with the knowledge and skills in IT and Digital. We offer a 3-week pre-apprenticeship training programme, ‘Introduction to Digital Technologies’. During this course, learners will learn key digital marketing, IT and employability skills and gain a qualification once they have successfully completed the course.

This comes at no cost and is available to those aged 16+ and currently unemployed. It is a great opportunity for those wishing to start a career in digital.

We offer this qualification in the Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire areas, find out more here.

Distance Learning Courses

Our Distance Learning qualifications are 12-week online courses which will provide learners with a certificate upon completion. It is a great way to upskill and expand on knowledge and benefits both the employee and employer as it will increase productivity in the workplace. We offer a range of qualifications, here are just some:

Level 2 Digital Promotion for Business

This qualification will help you to develop your understanding of how to promote a business in a digital age and to develop your understanding of how to use different digital and online techniques to attract customers and increase brand visibility and sales. Find out more.

Level 2 Principles of Customer Service

This qualification will provide you with the knowledge required to work effectively in a customer service role. You will learn key information such as understanding customers and employer organisations. You will understand how to communicate appropriately with customers and resolve any problems. Find out more.