We are delighted to launch our brand new, flagship provision – The Digital Fast Track.

The Digital Fast Track has been designed with the re-launch of our apprenticeship schemes and our aim is to give up-coming apprentices all the help possible, in tow with the easing of lockdown restrictions. Learners will be provided with an initial 7 weeks of digital training. In this time, we will give an intensive look into a number of areas which will help learners improve their employability skills, as well as technical skills relating to Digital Marketing. These courses will be available to anyone between 19 and 24 years old, living in Greater Manchester or South Yorkshire.

The main aim through the 7 weeks of training is to ensure that any learners who come on board with us receive as much support as is possible & we aim to provide a head start in an increasingly competitive job market. Upon completion of the 7 weeks classroom training, learners will then be matched with a local employer. Once a placement has been agreed upon, a minimum of 3 weeks work experience will be provided. This will ensure that candidates are fully prepared for taking on any day to day tasks and will help to develop an increase in industry knowledge, all while adjusting to a professional working environment. Upon completion of the full course, learners will be presented with the option to continue their development by moving in to a full time digital role, or, start a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with The B2W Group.

Areas covered in the Digital Fast Track will include:

  • CV Writing
  • Team Working
  • Confidence Building
  • IT Security
  • Digital Technologies In The Workplace
  • An Introduction To Software Development
  • Key Principles Of Marketing

Under a new £111m government scheme, businesses will be funded with £1,000 for each new work experience placement they offer, with a maximum of 10 placements per year. This works out at up to £10,000 per year for businesses willing to support young people through their work experience placements. Learners will also receive £300 to support them throughout their course, which will also cover their expenses during their work experience placement. Businesses looking to support young people’s digital career prospects can partner with The B2W Group to provide 3 weeks’ work experience for learners.

The B2W Group’s head of Marketing Dave Bailey said: “The launch of our Digital Fast Track comes at the perfect time. The digital landscape is constantly shifting and these skills are now more vital than ever. We’re proud to be able to deliver industry-leading training to young people in order to support them onto the first rung of their professional career ladder.” The release of this provision is one which we have been looking forward to for a while as it also marks the re-launch of our Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. The easing of lockdown restrictions means we can finally return to providing people with an entryway into becoming a successful digital marketer. Our Digital Fast Track is a show of our commitment to providing opportunities to everyone and also giving our learners all they need to reach their maximum potential and give them the strongest start possible into the industry of Digital Marketing. All of the tuition provided is delivered by industry experts who have a real passion for the art of digital marketing. We also work to ensure that the work experience placements we select will offer as much as possible to our learners – both in digital marketing and also in developing a strong work ethic and ability to be adaptive to a number of different work environments.