facts and statistics of e-learning 2019

Why E-Learning?

E-Learning is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. It’s convenient and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Learners can complete the qualifications at their own pace, which means it works well for those with a heavy workload. There is a wide range of distance learning qualifications available, from management, understanding learning difficulties and Understanding Data Protection & Data Security.

The courses take around 6-12 weeks, meaning you could be qualified in only a short amount of time.


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  • Companies who offer on-the-job training generate around 26% more revenue per employee
  • 12% of HR Managers listed “not enough training” as the top reason for employees leaving
  • E-Learning increases retention rates by 25-60%
  • 72% of organisations believe e-learning helps them increase their competitive edge through refreshed and up-to-date knowledge
  • It’s one of the fastest growing industries, since the year 2000, the market growth rate has been 900%
  • Open University’s study found that E-Learning courses consume an average 90% less energy and produce 85% fewer CO2 emissions


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The B2W Group offer a wide range of e-learning courses. You will be able to work using a flexible approach with up-to 12 weeks to complete your chosen e-learning course. All of our delivered courses are fully government-funded, meaning it will come at no additional cost to the employee or employer.


Eligibility for our courses

  • Aged 16+
  • Lived in the EU for 3 years


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