Updated Apprenticeship Statistics 2018/19 (Infographic)

We’ve created an infographic using the latest data from the Learners and Apprentices Survey (2018) which shows just how beneficial an apprenticeship can be.


apprenticeship statistics 2019 UK

Apprenticeship Statistics 2018/19

  • Nearly three-quarters of apprentices agreed that their chances of earning a higher wage in future had increased
  • 80% of apprentices agreed that their chances of progressing to a higher level of training had also increased


Employers Also Benefit

  • 78% 0f employers that hired an apprentice reported improved productivity
  • 65% recognise the new ideas apprentices bring to their organisation
  • 83% would also recommend apprentices to other businesses



After Completion

  • 90% of apprentices will get a job or go into further training after finishing an apprenticeship
  • 72% will find sustained employment



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