Following on from Mental Health Awareness Week, we celebrate the initiatives that have been placed within The B2W Group. From communal walks to competitions, we have been coming closer as a company to tackle negative mental health. The impact of COVID-19 and the restrictions that have been in place for nearly two years have caused nationwide mental health concerns. To find out more about the employees at The B2W Group, a wellbeing survey that was released by our HR team, and there were clear indications of anxiety and uncertainty throughout the company. With the help of the staff there was clear evidence that further improvement and actions had to be taken for the wellbeing of the employees.

The partnership with Healing Clouds is an initiative that has been put in place to cover a range of support. Healing Clouds’ services include chat therapy, one-to-one therapy sessions, guided meditation, mental health courses and much more. The courses provide training for mental health first aid along with many other courses that tackle specific struggles such as alcoholism, drug addiction and more. Thanks to the leaders of The B2W Group, every employee can now access these services fully funded.

One of our key company values is kaizen, the strive for continuous improvement. Not only do we look to improve our service and work but also our employees and their health. With the support from Healing Clouds, anyone suffering from mental health issues can now get the support they need. Since the partnership with Healing Clouds 50% of our staff have already signed into their own personal account and have even started training, therapy or just browsed to see what the platform has to offer. In the future we hope to see a decrease in work related stress, anxiety or anything that could potentially affect the staff’s home or work life.