Inclusive education is not just a concept; it’s a commitment to embracing diversity and ensuring that every individual, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, has access to quality education.

At the heart of inclusive education lies an understanding of Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Our Level 3 course in The Principles of SEN is designed to develop and extend your overall knowledge of SEN to help you progress within this sector. It’s suitable for those seeking a career in childcare, teaching or family support, with a desire to understand more about supporting those with Special Educational Needs.

On completion of the course, you’ll receive an industry accredited Level 3 certificate in The Principles of Special Educational Needs to add to your CV to showcase your newfound knowledge in this subject.

One learner who recently completed the course is Peter from Manchester, who shares details about his experience with us in this short blog.

Peter's Story

After successfully gaining employment working with children outside of mainstream education, Peter enrolled on our course to get a head start with understanding the different barriers to learning and SEN provisions.

Peter reflected on his experience during the course and how he enjoyed the way in which the course was delivered.

The course was delivered in a fun, interactive way that fully engaged all of us. There were little games played to recap what we had learnt, and the time for further research was a great way to expand our understanding and knowledge.

The interaction with the other students on the course, and the tutor (Lilian), was also very enjoyable.

Key Learnings

Peter also described the main takeaways he took from the course and explained how he can use his newfound knowledge to better understand children with SEN and the ways in which he can support them.

The content of the course was great, and gave me a really good understanding of SEN. From the legislations involved, to the support available for children and young people with SEN, and how to remove any barriers to their education, their social, emotional and communication needs.

I particularly enjoyed the unit about how to support a child with speech and language needs, which was really interesting, and identifying the changes you can make to promote communication and enable learning for these children.

I also learnt how to observe children and what to look for when assessing their needs and which services are best suited for support.

His Experience & Advice For Others

Not only did Peter successfully complete the course and gain an accredited Level 3 certificate in the Principles of Special Educational Needs, but he also acquired the knowledge he was seeking to be able to best support children with SEN. 

He shared how he would recommend this course to others, and believes that parents could also benefit greatly from this course.

I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone. It really does cover all the bases when if you're looking at going into SEN support within education.

It also gives you knowledge of how to apply for support, where to get it from, who gives it, and what legislation to follow, which as a parent is absolutely invaluable.

If you're a parent of a child or young person with SEN, it empowers you to get the right support and what questions you should be asking and where.

From all of us at B2W, we wish Peter all the very best in his career as a Learning Support Mentor!

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Our fully-funded course in The Principles of Special Educational Needs provides each learner with the knowledge and understanding of how to support children with SEN in their education, with a Level 3 certificate available on completion of the course.

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