Our Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Management course is designed to help you prepare for managerial roles, by introducing you to the key responsibilities that come with management.

This includes learning about your own self development, as well as the fundamentals of objective setting, communicating to support teams and conflict resolution.

One learner who recently completed the course is Richard Anderson from Stretford in Greater Manchester.

Richard's Story

Having worked in a management role previously, Richard had gained some considerable experience, but felt he lacked the necessary disciplines and competencies required to be able to perform in the role.

After discovering our course, he decided to apply with a view to gaining new management skills and techniques to help him progress in his career.

"Prior to undertaking the course, I had been in a management role for a year. However, I found it difficult to navigate through the requirements of the role as I was expected to learn on the job.

"I initially thought that my experience alone would be enough for me to perform, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. When I explored the content of this course, I realised that it would provide me with the knowledge and competences I required."

Relevant Learning & Experience

Richard told us about the units he completed as part of the course, and how this helped further his understanding of management, self development and leadership.

"I enjoyed the whole course, however I particularly enjoyed learning about managing self development, how to identify gaps in your own development, how to empower teams and the models that can be used, retain and motivate staff, how to create a compelling vision, management styles, how to use performance effectiveness tools and objective setting."

Advice To Others

Richard also offered some words of advice for anyone thinking of enrolling on the course, and shared some tips based on his own learning experience.

"I would recommend the course to a friend because I found the course to be relevant, up to date and easy to follow. I would also recommend the course because of the Tutor (Suzanne), who I found to be very knowledgeable, supportive and approachable.

"For anyone starting the course, you should be prepared to engage and interact with your fellow participants on the course, as I found this was the best way to learn, and don't be afraid to ask questions."

Ready To Re-Enter Employment

After completing the course, Richard said he now feels ready to pursue a management role again, and has an increased confidence not only in performing in this type of role, but in the interview stages of his job search, thanks to the additional support he received from his tutor.

"I now feel ready to apply and undertake interviews for both management and leadership roles. I now know what is expected of me in both the interview and once I get in the role.

"I also feel that I am prepared to deal with the challenges of management and leadership because I have the knowledge and tools to address the different challenges that will come up."

Congratulations again Richard, and the very best of luck in your management career!

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