Kev Lane

We love hearing good news stories at The B2W Group, Our Digital Bytesize courses are designed for anyone looking to launch their career or learn more about the world of digital, IT or cyber.  All delivered through a short intensive course. In this blog, Kev Lane, talks about his experience and tells us why others should consider taking part in a Digital Bytesize course.

Why did you choose B2W Group to complete your DBS Course?

Good question.

After a bad start to 2022 and my mental health getting worse, I decided I needed a fresh start in life with a career that I will enjoy.

The job center put me in touch with the Restart Scheme and after one meeting, the following Monday, I was on a Digital Bytesize course taking the first steps to my new career in game development.

What projects have you completed during your DBS Course?

In the Creative Industries course, we had some pretty fun projects, creating a game was the most interesting for me, learning simple coding to make a sprite move was really fun.

Making a website and photography were great projects we also did, I gained some very useful skills that I will definitely use in the future to further my goals.

What do you enjoy most about the DBS Course?

In the course I really enjoyed the teams chat and interaction with Sully (the tutor) and the other students. We all have a WhatsApp group too where we help each other out.

So not only did we learn new skills, We also made loads of new friends who push each other to reach our goals in life.

Why would you recommend a DBS Course to someone?

I would highly recommend a DBS course to someone because of the great help and resources that are available to help get you to where you want to be in life.

Other than the learning, the people running the course are brilliant, they have time for you when you are stuck and even offer a catch-up class on the weekend if you fall behind.

On the last day when the course was over, every one who completed the tasks could leave, I ended up coming back to the team’s chat and until 7pm just chatting to the tutor and other students. That just shows how fun a DBS Course can be.

What is your advice for anyone applying for a DBS Course?

My advice would be just go for it!

Ask questions, work hard and you will enjoy every second of it. So much that you will want to do more courses.

What are your next steps in your career?

The next step in my career is to complete the Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship and after that I will start a course on the game engine Unity to learn C# code and game development so I will have the knowledge to become a Unity certified game developer.

To learn more about how our Digital Bytesize is supporting local communities, visit https://b2wgroup.com/digital-bytesize/ or email info@b2wgroup.com to get involved.

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