We recently visited Never Average Marketing (NAM) to discuss with them their experience with The B2W Group. We spoke to Emily who we placed into the company to support their marketing efforts and complete her Level 3 apprenticeship in Digital Marketing. 

We also spoke with Keely, Emily’s Manager, and CF of NAM. 

What impacts has Emily made on the business so far?

“When Emily first started, she was, very much, quite a shy character but today she kind of runs all of our internal marketing and she is quite a big impact on the team. She organises a lot of the work distribution allocation. She also has quite a creative head.  So we have a newspaper attached to Never Average called Yorkshire Information Point and Emily deals with a lot of the editorial on that.”

What do you look for in an Apprentice/Employee?

“So with Emily, we just looked for someone who wanted to learn and we could see Emily had obviously been to university and just wanted that opportunity to shine.  If anything, Emily was quite easy to work alongside with as she was very eager to learn. I think the right attitude for one, generally very respectful, she’s amazing. She is also wanting to learn and develop, so the enthusiasm is great.”

Why would you recommend an apprenticeship to someone?

“Yes, I’m a massive believer in the apprenticeship scheme. I think it gives people the opportunity to have on-the-job learning. So, you can actually work in an environment and learn and I actually think, if I’m honest, it’s the future of training for young people.”

What was your experience like with The B2W Group?

“Yes, I find The B2W Group really helpful and very supportive to Emily. She’s taken the role on, and they’ve encouraged her in all capacities really. Emily was nominated for Rotherham’s apprentice of the Year, and The B2W Group were very supportive with Emily and encouraged her to flourish. So yes, very, very, pleased with The B2W Group”

What made you want to employ an apprentice?

“We wanted to bring somebody on, in a way, from the bottom down and mould them into the ideal employee for Never Average so they kind of knew the business inside out and work closely with me and Michael and the other team. So yeah, we kind of wanted to almost like nourish, you know, nurture someone really is the right word for that.”

Everyone at The B2W Group congratulates Emily on her nomination as the Apprentice of the Year and we thank both Emily and Keely for giving us such great feedback. To view the full discussion then watch it on YouTube below.