Jasmine completed her Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship with The B2W Group and is now working towards her Level 4 Marketing Executive. In this blog, she talks about why she chose the apprenticeship route, her own experiences whilst on an apprenticeship, and where her educational choices led her career. 

How did you find your Digital Marketer Apprenticeship?

Once I had completed my GCSEs I was a little stuck on the next steps to take. I didn’t enjoy sitting in a classroom, but I enjoyed creative writing and excelled in business studies, so I was looking for something where I could put what I loved to good use. That’s when I had come across digital marketer apprenticeships – it sounded right up my street!

After many emails, applications, and internet scrolling, I received a phone call from B2W, inviting me to an informal interview at their offices in Rotherham. I instantly received a warm welcome from the team, who supplied me with all the right information about the apprenticeship standard, how the process works, and the next steps that I should take. Before I knew it, they had found me an apprenticeship placement in Sheffield city centre. 

Jasmine’s Digital Marketing career so far

Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work for a number of established creative agencies, working in several job roles from client management, to digital marketing, and business development. 

From day one at my first marketing job, I was taken aback by the amount of responsibility handed over to me. Since then, I’ve been able to work on several notable projects including a digital campaign for Sheffield FC and the Sheffield Steelers, content writing for the UK’s top provider of sexual health services, as well as writing for one of Yorkshire’s most popular business magazine

Being on a digital marketing apprenticeship at both levels 3 and 4 has given me the opportunity to explore many areas of marketing, whilst continuously developing my skills along the way. With dedicated support from development coaches, you are able to thrive in a supportive learning environment whilst putting your knowledge to good use on practical projects. 

Being on an apprenticeship from the age of 16 massively increased my much-needed confidence levels and people skills. The digital marketing apprenticeship has opened doors for travelling, attending a range of events, and connecting with industry leaders. I was also able to move out of my parent’s house just a few months into my apprenticeship – something that wasn’t an option before having a full-time job!

What are you doing with your Marketing Apprenticeship now?

Right now, I’m working as a client and project manager for a Sheffield-based marketing agency, Wildcat Digital. I’m just about to start the End Point Assessment of my Level 4 Marketing Executive apprenticeship with The B2W group (awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing). The wonderful team at Wildcat go above and beyond to support my learning, giving me a range of projects to work on and plenty of free time during the week to work on my learning. My role at Wildcat Digital pushes me to improve every day, and I’m excited to see where it takes me! P.S… we are always on the lookout for talented individuals – our latest digital marketing job listings can be found on our careers page.

Should people apply for a Marketing Apprenticeship?

100%. Being on an apprenticeship has allowed me to thrive in a professional environment, gaining years of real-world experience whilst working towards an industry-recognised qualification – all while my friends are still at university! I would recommend the apprenticeship route for anyone creative, analytical, and results-driven. 

Because marketing is such a huge industry, with so many niches to choose from, I’d recommend doing research into the job roles out there. If you love the sound of SEO, film, or perhaps content strategy, then you’ll be able to approach your apprenticeship hunting in an organised fashion and end up with a role that you are truly passionate about. That being said, if you aren’t sure of your niche then don’t worry! The great thing about both level 3 and 4 digital marketing apprenticeships is that you will have the opportunity to have a go at everything, and you’ll quickly find out what you click with the most.

Level 3 & 4 Digital Marketer Apprenticeships from The B2W Group

Here at The B2W Group, we offer a number of digital marketing apprenticeships at both level 3 and level 4. With dedicated coaching and hands-on training, you’ll be able to start your digital career off on the right foot. Our range of apprenticeships also includes cyber security, software development, data analysis, and more! To find out about the courses on offer, explore our website or get in touch with our team.