We love to visit our apprentices at their place of work to find out how they are finding the apprenticeship and their training. Deven has been an apprentice at Image Source for just 4 short months but is already finding her feet in campaigns and projects across the UK and US. Read what she has to say about her apprenticeship…

“Hi I‘m Deven, I’m 16 years old and I’m currently doing a digital marketing apprenticeship with Image Source, and with Christina and I’ve been here since January 2022 and will get qualified next April.”

What Campaigns Have You Been Involved In?

“So last month, to celebrate international women’s day/month we were ding campaigns with an agency called Marmalade along with a company called Beyond Black. We were sharing their posts and helping them create a campaign out of that. We also work with the US markets, so we find photographers and models that’s upcoming and wanted to produce content.”

What do You Enjoy Most About Your Apprenticeship?

“I enjoy doing all sorts and outside my apprenticeship I like going on photoshoots since it (Image Source) is a photo stock agency. I like going on photoshoots and speaking to clients and gaining customers and finding out more about their lifestyle and their story.

An apprenticeship you can learn as well as earning, that’s the side bit that you can enjoy. It is kind of difficult, but it is an easy way to gain that knowledge and the skills in order for you to develop further in your career that you’ve chosen to do your apprenticeship in.”

Where do You See Yourself in The Future?

“I see myself still working at Image Source and developing my skills in photography and in digital marketing and hopefully being able to gain that knowledge and develop an audience on social media either for my  own business or working for other different people.  Maybe not just photo agencies but in other aspects.”

Watch Deven’s full story below.