Paul Doodson

Our Digital Bytesize courses are designed for anyone looking to launch their career or learn more about the world of digital, IT or cyber.  All delivered through a short intensive course. In this blog, Paul Doodson, talks about his experience and tells us why others should consider taking part in a Digital Bytesize course.

Why did you choose The B2W Group to complete your DBS Course?

I have previously completed a Level II Digital Technologies course with The B2W Group, and I really enjoyed it. I’d never done an online course before or worked in teams in a classroom environment, and I loved it. When I saw this three-week course I thought it would push my abilities a little more and get my brain working.

What projects have you completed during your DBS Course?

On the course we learnt how to plan a photography shoot and execute it, we also learnt how to plan and design a simple computer game for children in the next module and in the third module we created (with in a team) web pages for local landmarks within our hometown. We did presentations for the games design and a team presentation for the web design module. We also learnt about job roles within the creative industries, we interviewed each other, and we attended a virtual session with other learners and were told about job opportunities within the creative industries.  

What do you enjoy most about the DBS Course?

I’ll be honest it was hard work, on day 2 I panicked a little bit as I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work involved, it was much more intensive than the Level II I originally did. But I’m not a quitter. Nicola was helpful, there were extra sessions if needed, plus one to ones if needed. Once I got into the swing of the learning, I really enjoyed myself. Yes, it was intensive, but it was rewarding completing each module. I also loved the feedback comments underneath the questions after they had been marked. I also loved me, had always shied away from using new software/programs and I actually really enjoyed using the new programs and have continued to do so. I was quite sad when it ended. I really enjoyed it.

Why would you recommend a DBS Course to someone?

Yes. It’s professional, I knew little bits of the course having worked in the creative industries before, but it’s amazing how much you don’t know. Plus, there are new ways of working, so anyone who’s stuck in a rut, or needs those rusty skills touching up, it was perfect. I didn’t think anyone could teach me anything about photo editing for example, but I was wrong. I learnt new things and used new programs/software.  

What is your advice for anyone applying for a DBS Course?

I would say… just go for it. I’m quite shy and reserved and it’s amazing how you connect with people and work together. Don’t let any language barrier or skill barrier stop you from applying for the courses at The B2W Group.

What are your next steps in your career?

I’m currently still on the sick, I’m on the limited capability for work, I attend a local Work & Health program and I am working towards getting better and maybe doing some more courses in the meantime. It helps keep the brain working but also it looks good on your CV, that you’ve been doing lots of things instead of a blank period of time.

Do you feel confident to progress in your career after your DBS course?

Yes. It’s given me more confidence; it’s got my brain working again. I never would have thought I could have done these courses a year ago. They also make you feel you’re not on the scrap heap at 54. They give you hope that someone will see your potential. You’re never too old to learn something new.

To learn more about how our Digital Bytesize is supporting local communities, visit https://b2wgroup.com/digital-bytesize/ or email info@b2wgroup.com to get involved.

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