As society becomes more digital, it’s never been more important to obtain key and relevant knowledge in all things digital to help advance your career. If you’re looking to kickstart a career in the digital world, or simply interested in gaining industry-standard skills and knowledge around various aspects of digital, our Digital Bytesize course is here to help you take your first steps.

Kevin Lane completed our Creative Skills course, one of our three Digital Bytesize pathways.

In this short blog, Kevin discusses his experience on the course, and why you should consider joining him and hundreds of others in improving your digital skills.

Kevin was unable to get a job within the sector he wanted to move into, but was very keen to learn new digital and creative skills. So when one of our key enrolment team members offered him the chance to join our Creative Skills course, he jumped at the opportunity.

Throughout the duration of the course, Kevin was able to complete various modules highlighting his enjoyment at the creative elements, as well as the elements of cybersecurity he was able to learn.

“I really loved the creative parts! It has always been a big passion of mine, so every part of the game development and creative parts were brilliant.

“Cybersecurity was also enjoyable. I was able to use Linux with all the hacking tools. It was fun to see all the white hat side of things.”

We asked if Kevin would recommend this course to a friend and what advice could he give them, here’s what he had to say:

“I really would, the skills that Digital Bytesize provides are extremely valuable and help better understand different elements of the various sectors.

“If you have a question, no matter how silly it may seem, then ask it. Everyone is in the same boat trying to reach the same goals.”

As part of your journey with us at B2W, we try and help put you in the best position to secure your dream job.

One way we do this is by offering you the chance to move onto one of our Level 3 Higher Level Skills qualifications, which is what we did with Kevin, offering him an opportunity within Principles of ManagementCybersecurity and Networking and Social Media for E-commerce.

“After some thought I’ve decided to keep ethical hacking as a hobby and pursue the creative aspects of the course.

“I will be completing a Level 3 in Social Media for E-commerce, as this will be very beneficial for my career path.

“Thanks to the Digital Bytesize course, I now feel more confident in progressing in my career goals.”

From everyone at B2W, we wish Kevin all the best in his future digital career!

To learn more about how our Digital Bytesize is supporting local communities, visit https://b2wgroup.com/digital-bytesize/ or email [email protected] to get involved.

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