Sean Gilbert

Our Digital Bytesize courses are designed for anyone looking to launch their career or learn more about the world of digital, IT or cyber.  All delivered through a short intensive course. Sean gilbert, talks about his experience and tells us why others should consider taking part in a Digital Bytesize course.

Why did you choose The B2W Group to complete your DBS course?

I had seen adverts popping up on various social media platforms, and I had been thinking about improving my skills. As I had been made redundant after 21 years in the same job, I theorised that things in the digital world had moved on and I needed to catch up, fast.

What projects/tasks did you complete during your DBS course?

Various tasks, such as making a social media advert; making a promotional tweet; built and configured a virtual network. There were also some team discussions about some of the salient points, particularly about regulations such as GDPR and Copyrights.

What did you enjoy most about your DBS course?

I enjoyed the Networking, where we could get our virtual hands dirty and configure routers and servers, etc.

Would you recommend a DBS course to a friend? If yes, why?

Yes, I would recommend a DBS course to a friend or even family. You get a lot of tution but, just as importantly, the tutors are always there to assist with queries and to help you get through areas you may find a bit tricky. If thyey are willing to put the effort in for 3 weeks (length of this course) they will end up with a nice qualification and a lot of new knowledge.

What advice you would give to someone applying to a DBS course?

I would warn them to start at the lower end if they don’t have experience in the area of the course because a level 2 diploma goes at a fair pace. In the course, which lasted 13 days (would have been 15 days but Easter was in the way so we lost 2 days), I have totalled my written work and I have written between 37000 and 37500 words,working out to over 400 words per hour for every hour of the course. I may not have needed to write quite so much but I was not taking chances of giving too brief an answer.

What are your next steps in your career?

As a freelancer, I will be looking in some new places now that I have a shiny new diploma to put on my CV. With the diploma, I have picked up some new skills which I intend to use when building my portfolio to show potential clients.

Do you feel confident to progress in your career after your DBS course?

Yes, I do feel more confident that I did at the start. I now have new things to try and new things to build on. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Heading towards 60 at an alarming rate and I’m still picking up things that I has no idea existed!

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