Jordan Jackson

Our Digital Bytesize courses are designed for anyone looking to launch their career or learn more about the world of digital, IT or cyber.  All delivered through a short intensive course. In this blog, Jordan Jackson, talks about his experience and tells us why others should consider taking part in a Digital Bytesize course.

Why did you choose The B2W Group to complete your DBS course?

I chose to do this course as it allowed me to grow my skills and keep practicing and developing my knowledge whilst I try and look for an apprenticeship in a similar sector. It also gives me more to talk about in my cv and interviews.

What projects/tasks did you complete during your DBS course?

The task I completed was learning about the creative industries, creating, and designing a website, creating and design a game and a team based digital project.

What did you enjoy most about your DBS course?

I enjoyed learning and practicing skills that will be useful for my growth in this sector such as if I ever make any projects, I can create a webstore portfolio now to showcase to future employers of my skills.

Would you recommend a DBS course to a friend? If yes, why?

I would recommend a DBS course as it is a good stepping stone to get yourself learning skills and knowledge needed for the sector you are interested in but also it is a good way to get your foot in the door of your career path. In addition they also will help you afterwards look for employment or apprenticeships or any courses you wish to continue in.

What advice you would give to someone applying to a DBS course?

I would say try and plan for completing your work for the deadlines so you will need good time management to balance your life outside of the course and the work you need to complete for the deadline because it is quite fast paced with deadlines being quite short so the content can be delivered on time.

What are your next steps in your career?

My next steps would be to still continue my search for an apprenticeship in software but also to consider looking for ways to practice and develop my skills further.

Do you feel confident to progress in your career after your DBS course?

I feel confident because I now know more knowledge regarding this industry and sector and the diverse job roles within but also it has improved my skills I knew and my transferable skills. At first I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it and be quite nervous as it was a diverse age group with me being the youngest but now it has improved my ability to talk to more people.

To learn more about how our Digital Bytesize is supporting local communities, visit https://b2wgroup.com/digital-bytesize/ or email info@b2wgroup.com to get involved.

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