We live in a digital age, meaning obtaining the right skills and knowledge on all things digital is crucial for advancing your career. Whether you’re looking to kickstart your career, or simply gain more knowledge about the world of digital, IT, or cybersecurity, our Digital Bytesize course is here to advance your journey.

Curtis Wayland completed a Level 2 Diploma in IT and Digital Skills , one of our three Digital Bytesize pathways. Throughout this blog, Curtis discusses his experience on the course and why you should consider joining himself and others in improving your digital skillset.

Our Digital Bytesize course is designed to help solidify your core knowledge and understanding of IT, as well as help highlight key areas to help improve your professional development.

Curtis highlighted these as a motivator for enrolling, citing the gaps in his current skillset to concentrate on for his own personal career development.

Throughout the course, Curtis completed various projects in areas such as cybersecurity and computer programming, highlighting enjoyment on all modules, as well as gaining key information on potential employment paths.

“I enjoyed all aspects of the course, it has provided a strong base to improve my knowledge on various applications, hardware and software of IT systems.

“It’s given me a clear direction of the employment route I want to take.”

Curtis also mentioned how he would recommend the Digital Bytesize course to a friend, and believes that the course will help support their ambitions and goals, based on his own experience on the course.

“I would definitely recommend the Digital Bytesize course to a friend in order to support their own ambitions and goals.

“Due to my own experience, I can inform them on the process of joining, and how accessible it is to join.”

So, what would Curtis’s advice be to any potential learners?

“Make sure you identify what you would like to achieve and set a realistic time frame to complete. Commit time, prepare and plan. Stay focused and remind yourself of the benefits in the long run.”

After completing the course, Curtis has gained the confidence to pursue his career goals and is now looking towards courses in media arts to further support his career development.

“My next steps involve researching and undertaking a short-term course in media arts to support moving to the next level, through either another course or employment.”

From everyone at B2W, we wish Curtis all the best in his future digital career!

If you are reading this and are looking to start your digital career, then please visit our Digital Bytesize page

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