We live in a digital age, meaning obtaining the right skills and knowledge on all things digital is crucial for advancing your career. Whether you’re looking to kickstart your career, or simply gain more knowledge about the world of digital, IT, or cybersecurity, our Digital Bytesize course is here to advance your journey.

Kalpana Kumari completed a Level 2 Diploma in Digital & IT Skills , one of our three Digital Bytesize pathways. Throughout this blog, Kalpana discusses her experience on the course and why you should consider joining himself and others in improving your digital skillset.

Our Digital Bytesize course is designed to help solidify your core knowledge and understanding of IT, helping equip our learners with the necessary tools to transition into a job within the IT sector.

Kalpana highlighted these as a motivator for enrolling, citing the valuable insights and practical experience she gained to help further her career prospects.

Throughout the course, Kalpana completed various projects in areas such as digital skills, spreadsheet software and technical support, highlighting the collaboration with her tutors and fellow learners.

The course provided a well-rounded learning experience, equipping me with essential competencies applicable to real-world scenarios and enhancing my abilities in different aspects of the field.”

I have enjoyed various aspects of the course, such as learning new skills, interacting with instructors and fellow students, and gaining valuable insights and knowledge.”

Kalpana also mentioned how she would recommend the Digital Bytesize course to a friend and believes that the course can offer valuable opportunities to develop skills in various different fields.

I believe the course can offer valuable opportunities to develop practical and in-demand skills in various fields, such as IT, business, or cybersecurity.”

After completing the course, Kalpana plans to complete a Higher Level Skills course while looking to enhance his skills and explore job opportunities.

I plan to simultaneously apply for a level 3 course while exploring new job opportunities, aiming to enhance my skills through education while also seeking potential career advancements in the job market.”

From everyone at B2W, we wish Kalpana all the best in his future digital career!

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