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The beginning of the new year is a busy time for hiring managers. For many companies, it is the start of new budgets and time for reflecting on the previous year and putting plans into place for improvement.

One consideration is the hiring of new employees. “The first quarter of the new year is always a busy time for recruiting because of new budgets starting,” says Paul Feeney, a partner with AutoKineto, an international executive auto recruiter.

The New Year is just as important to candidates, with many people wanting to secure new employment or switch to a new career path.

Key areas that businesses want to focus on are sales and marketing related roles. These areas are important because they’re responsible for increasing awareness of your products and services and bringing in new customers. If you’re looking to gain more exposure and build your audience, have you thought about hiring a digital marketing apprentice?

A digital marketing apprentice will be responsible for a range of activities, including social media management, boosting brand recognition, paid campaigns, website management, reputation management and using other key methods to get your company name out there.

Despite the current national lockdown, businesses should be planning to ensure that they are positioned for the future challenges and are adapting to the rapid switch to digital. A digital marketer focuses on online methods of advertisement, so are the perfect fit for the new world.

Trained Candidates

hiring an apprentice

One of the reasons that employers may reconsider hiring an apprentice is having to provide training to their new hires. You may not have the time to introduce them to their new digital marketing role. Why hire an apprentice starting with no knowledge when you can hire a qualified candidate?

The B2W Group provides a Pre-Apprenticeship Training course, which learners will attend before they start looking for their new placement. This course has been adapted to provide a fully online experience for our learners to ensure a safe environment during the pandemic. It will prepare them for their new and exciting role and give insight in key topics such as digital technology in the workplace and principles of marketing.

“I wanted to learn more about digital marketing and that is one of the many reasons as to why I decided to join this course. I enjoyed every single unit but one thing that I really enjoyed is the way class was delivered, my teacher Bayo is great, very informative, he provides excellent support and is always willing to help. Additionally, I also enjoyed creating a campaign with my team members. We all shared ideas, it was great.

I have learnt a lot about digital marketing such as how to measure the success of your campaign. I also learned the types of software that is out there to support you when it comes to Digital Marketing.

It clearly piqued my interest in the digital marketing field. I would definitely recommend this course to others.”

-Dalila Seca, Pre-Apprenticeship Training

Not only does it teach aspiring apprentices the essential knowledge to start their digital careers, it also shows their dedication and grants the opportunity for us to get to know our learners. This will mean that we are able to find the perfect role for the perfect candidate, making sure they fit in with your existing team and company values.

You may also be in a position that you’re not able to afford to hire an experienced marketer. As an apprentice is new to their role, they are willing to work their way up.

Employers Report the Benefits of Apprentices

87% of employers said they were satisfied with the apprenticeship programmes, 76% say that productivity has improved and 75% reported that apprenticeships improved the quality of their product or service.

The B2W Group has also had positive feedback about our apprenticeships. Speaking about his recent graduate apprentice Rachel, Stephen from Datacentreplus commented: 

“Rachel has demonstrated an excellent approach to her project work and her day-to-day responsibilities. I am very happy with the progress Rachel has made and her work to date.

Myself and Rachel have a really good working relationship and I am pleased to have seen Rachel learn and grow in confidence through completion of the course. Rachel has excellent business skills and as a result has taken on additional responsibility within the business to manage colleague Josh, whose role it is to support the marketing activities of the business.”


For apprentices aged 19 and over the qualification is 95% funded by the government leaving you to only pay the 5% contribution which is £550 (paid in 6 instalments of £91.67, starting from the first month of the apprentices start date).

For apprentices aged 16-18 there is no contribution to pay (100% funded).

Businesses that are Levy payers will access their apprenticeship training and assessment via their online Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) account.

Our Digital Marketer Programme

The B2W Group has newly introduced two apprenticeship routes. This delivers a more personalised experience to the apprentice and employer.

Pathway A               

This pathway is for learners who want to specialise or expand their effectiveness in using social media platforms as marketing tools. Social media has become a vital part of company social media strategies, with 3.81 billion people using social media worldwide in 2020.

During this pathway, learners will cover:   

  • BCS Level 3 Certificate in Marketing Principles                                    
  • CIW Social Media Strategist                                    
  • BCS Level 3 Award in Principles of Coding                                    

Pathway B               

This pathway is developed for learners who are drawn to the mechanics and design behind websites. If you have an interest in design and functionality and the often overlooked importance of a well designed website, then Pathway B is for you.

During this pathway, learners will cover:           

  • BCS Level 3 Certificate in Marketing Principles                                    
  • CIW Site Development Associate                                    
  • BCS Level 3 Certificate in Digital Marketing Business Principles 

20% of their programme duration will be dedicated to attending classroom training by our highly qualified, industry experienced Tutors. During the programme, they will also have support from a dedicated Skills Coach. This will ensure they stay on track and get the most out of their apprenticeship.

Find out more about the qualification here