Mobile optimisation of your website is vital to ensure your website reaches its full potential and increases the number of sales you will make. We’ve created an infographic to help you understand why your website should be optimised for mobile devices.


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51.2% of internet traffic comes from mobile users

Traffic from mobile is now a higher percentage than traffic from a PC, meaning that your mobile needs to be well optimised for those visiting your website on a mobile device.



Mobile users spend more money

The amount of money people spent per visit on mobile to online retailers has increased 27% since the beginning of 2015. Making a quick and easy process on mobile will increase sales.



89% of people are likely to recommend your brand

If they have a great mobile experience. Word of mouth marketing is one of the strongest methods of marketing for your business, so it is important that people are recommending you!



Mobile devices account for 61.9% of Google’s paid-search clicks

More people are engaging with PPC campaigns through their mobile devices. Have a good mobile experience from start to finish to close the deal.



51% of customers use mobile devices to discover new brands

Mobile users are on the lookout for new brands and products, which gives you a fantastic opportunity to be discovered! Make the first impression count by having an attractive website on mobile.