At The B2W Group, we strongly believe in the value of apprentices, which is why we bring them into our team while they’re completing their qualification. Ryan, from Rotherham, is nearing the end of his apprenticeship and was able to deliver useful content and output for our own digital marketing. We spoke to Ryan to see how his experience with The B2W Group has allowed him to grow his skills and his knowledge. 

Introduce Yourself

“I’m Ryan, I’m 27. I’m currently doing a Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship with The B2W Group. I was previously at another place but due to Covid related reasons I lost that position so The B2W Group took me on.”

Why did you choose The B2W Group to complete an apprenticeship?

“The reason I did go with The B2W Group primarily was because I got extra qualifications before I even started my apprenticeship. Also, the signing up process was just smooth. I couldn’t fault anyone, I had constant support and if I did have any questions, they got answered straight away.”

What projects have you completed during your apprenticeship? 

“I’ve worked on website optimization, writing blog posts, social media campaigns and an email marketing campaign. This covers quite a nice section of digital marketing as it included web design, SEO, research, some budgeting, website optimization and that gave me a nice, rounded overall experience with the stuff I could get involved with.”

What do you enjoy most about a digital marketing apprentice?

“Honestly, creative freedom. You can’t do what you want but you can to an extent. Then when you present that to higher-ups they’ll give you criticism and feedback on how you can make it better or how it can be more brand friendly. To me that’s really good and a good aspect of marketing.  Also, the web development side. You can either use a GUI editor or CSS so you’ve got a lot of freedom with that as well but like I said, at the end of the day it comes down to whether higher-ups approve but you have got that playground to create.”

Why would you recommend an apprenticeship to someone?

“If you’re not one that likes to sit and listen to someone telling you how to learn and what to do and you want that hands-on experience, then I honestly suggest an apprenticeship rather than sitting and listening and stuff like that. It is kind of the same, but not. So, in a classroom you’re sat, you’ve got a teacher whereas an apprenticeship you’re sat, but you’re doing it yourself and you’ve got a support network. So that’s honestly why I would choose an apprenticeship over anything else.”

What is your advice for anyone applying for a Digital Marketing apprenticeship?

“My advice to anyone wanting to do digital marketing is be yourself, be honest. If you’ve already got skills, put them forward, tell them. They’re not going to knock you back if you already know what you’re doing, they’ll build on that stuff. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and get creative with stuff.”

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