The B2W Group offers a fully-funded Pre-Apprenticeship Training course, ‘Introduction to Digital Technologies’. This course provides essential IT, Digital and Employability skills to progress into a digital career. We have created a fact sheet to explain what this course is, as well as how it can benefit you.

What is a Pre-Apprenticeship Training Course?

Put simply, a pre-apprenticeship course is a stepping-stone to get into the industry of your choice. In most cases, people undergo a pre-apprenticeship before an apprenticeship to prepare them for the working environment in their chosen industry. As well as this, pre-apprenticeships can help to improve your existing skills and pave the way for your learning as a part of your further studies.

Course Benefits

Provide a head start

This course will give you a head start into the IT and Digital Marketing industry, giving you a competitive edge that could fast track you onto a Digital Marketing or IT Apprenticeship within a great organisation. It will prepare you for the working environment in your selected industry as well as improve your existing skills which is a huge advantage when starting out in any new career. Some employers prefer you to have completed a pre-apprenticeship before taking you on as an apprentice. 

Valuable Skills

You can learn valuable skills and gain experience in the industry you’ve chosen, which will stand you in good stead should you decide to continue onto a full apprenticeship. 

Build a Network

This kind of course could also help you build up a network of contacts that could prove useful in your career, whilst giving you the chance to obtain a recognised qualification that will bulk up your CV.

Stand Out

Employers will know you have experienced the industry culture prior to taking on the commitment of an apprenticeship. Not only does this cement your loyalty to the field you are undertaking, but it also proves your ability to handle yourself on site and passion towards completing your apprenticeship to become accredited in your trade.

Why Choose Us?

The B2W Group will support you throughout the course and also after course completion. We will provide guidance and help you to find suitable roles. We will send your CV to prospective employers that are local to you. If you decide an apprenticeship isn’t for you, our dedicated Progressions Officer will work with you to support you into higher education or employment.

We also support our learners by providing £50 per week to cover any expenses.

We are Recommended

Our courses are recommended by our learners. 96% of our learners would recommend us to a family member or friend.

How to Apply

We offer this Pre-Apprenticeship Training qualification in the Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire areas. If you are interested in this course, you can apply through our website.