Introduction to Digital Technologies Manchester

Introduction to Digital Technologies

The Pre-Apprenticeship Training course, Introduction to Digital Technologies, aids learners wanting to get a headstart in a digital career. It provides learners with insight into key topics such as:

  •  Digital presence, awareness and safety
  •   Digital Technology in the workplace
  •   Introduction to Design and Development of Software
  •   Introduction to Installing Computer Software
  •   How to Set-up an IT Network
  •   Key Elements of Digital Marketing
  •   Principles of Marketing

This course has already enabled learners to progress into an apprenticeship or full-time role. 

Kieran Gambrill

Kieran, based in Manchester, originally enrolled onto the Introduction to Digital Technologies qualification to enter the social media and digital marketing field. As this qualification covered topics such as the key elements of digital marketing, it is a great choice for those interested in this career path.

Throughout the duration of the course, Kieran learned more about IT, digital and employability skills to aid him in his future career. He speaks about his time on the course and what he’s looking forward to in the future.

Prior to the course, what knowledge did you have about digital?

I knew the basics of digital marketing but I did not know a lot. I was a software tester prior to doing this course, so I had some knowledge regarding the software development cycle.

Do you think this course helped you to understand more about a digital career?

I learnt quite a lot. Although it is a 3-week course, it covered quite a lot of topics whilst still managing to not be too much all at once. The key topics I will take away from this are the principles of marketing, the use of digital technology in the workplace, how to set up an IT network, and how to identify suitable opportunities for career development.

I have also learnt how to write a creative CV, including resources that can help with that, what interviewers look for in a digital marketer, and valuable team working skills and the roles people play in group projects.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

I really enjoyed the daily sessions we had as they were informative, helpful, and fun. The tutors were excellent in ensuring that everyone stayed focused, participated, and gave help wherever needed.

The support given by the tutors was fantastic. They really took the time to answer any questions and expand anything that wasn’t clear. There would be times when I still wouldn’t understand an explanation and they would take the time to give further clarification.

Has it furthered your interest in a digital marketing role?

It has! The course has given me a great introduction to digital marketing and I cannot wait to expand on this further and progress in my career!

Would you recommend this path to those looking to get started in a digital career?

I would definitely recommend this course, in fact, I already have recommended this course to a few friends. I think it is a great stepping stone into the world of digital marketing whether you have minimal knowledge or if you are quite knowledgeable on the topic. The support given before, during, and after the course is excellent and I am very grateful for the opportunity. 

Interested in a digital career?

Whether you’re interested in a role in IT or digital marketing, this funded course will provide a great opportunity for you to increase your knowledge and add to your CV. 

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