If the past 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that the ability to navigate a digital workplace is an essential skill for all employees. A lack of face-to-face interaction has made digital marketing even more important for every business.

Just look to popular brand Boohoo and their takeover of Debenhams, taking the high street retailer completely online and digital . It’s vital for companies to pay attention to what’s happening from a digital marketing perspective. 

This is where young aspiring digital marketers come in.

If you’re developing your own personal brand, creating eye-catching Instagram and TikTok content, or writing engaging blogs, marketing could be the career path for you.

We caught up with Luke, one of our Digital Marketing Apprentices to discuss what first interested in him marketing, and how he’s putting his new skills into practice.  

Before starting your Digital Marketing Apprenticeship what did you know about digital marketing? 

I understood that marketing helps sell products and services, but my knowledge bank was limited. Now, as I come to the end of my apprenticeship, I understand that it’s that, plus a lot more. It’s also about creating strategies by analysing past data and performance to fuels future campaigns.

 What responsibilities have you had since starting the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship? 

My jobs and roles have varied as I have worked in two positions during my tenure with The B2W Group. Over the course of both jobs I helped to design, implement and maintain content calendars via social media accounts, I delivered regular email campaigns to existing customers, and I started to establish a fresh culture and direction on social media pages.  Parts of this I really enjoyed; it was nice to have some creative freedom.

How has your knowledge of marketing changed since you started the course? 

I know marketing is really varied and there are a lot of specialisms, from social media, campaign analysis, copywriting, and coding. The course has really opened my understanding of how many opportunities there are within marketing.

What do you understand about the relationship between Sales and Marketing? 

Before starting my apprenticeships, I had a negative image of sales jobs after a few failed attempts at them, and I always thought marketing was a very similar beast. But the more I looked into marketing the more I realised that, while sales is an important aspect, it’s more than that. It is the job of the marketing department to put products and services in the window and entice customers inside, then hand over to the sales team who will try to seal the deal. I can see myself working in marketing for years to come.

How have you found it working towards a new career in an area you previously knew nothing about? 

It was nice to be able to apply some of my social media knowledge to my task – it helps so much so that sometimes it didn’t feel like work! Oftentimes it was a case of connecting terminology to the jobs I was already doing, (i.e. making content, analysing my post results etc) that underpinned everything I was doing. Trying to understand marketing lingo and learn to apply the lingo from a seasoned marketer is difficult – but there is lots of support from the team at The B2W Group.

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