Nastasiia Raeznichenko

Twenty-one-year-old Natsasiia recently took part in our Future You programme, after moving  to the UK from Ukraine as part of the Ukrainian Home Scheme. Natsasiia was keen to complete her studies, and had this to say about Future You at The B2W Group:

The Future You team is always dedicated to ensure that the people they work with are taken care of. It’s vital that the programme meets participants’ needs and that they are put first. Individuality is key so that they can achieve their goals; Natsasiia had undertaken University studies in Ukraine and was seeking an equivalent in the UK education system.

The Future You programme also focuses on employability skills, CVs and application forms, Mental Health, Portfolio and Cover letters and making sure participants get the skills and training necessary to move forwards.

Future You worked to ensure that she had the right support in place to get Nastasiia the qualifications she needed.

One of the first steps after getting Nastasiia the qualifications needed to pursue a career in the UK was getting her interview-ready. Natsasiia was already a highly motivated person but lacked some confidence. Future You supported her with interview techniques and the way to conduct yourself throughout an interview. They went on to put her through mock interviews and an interview workshop which was more of a group activity. This helped with building confidence.

Natsasiia was successful following her interview technique training and workshops as she landed a full-time job. Future You further made sure that she had the resources and equipment to begin her role by supplying her with a laptop and covering the costs of a DBS check.

Future You at The Back2Work Group

Future You is a personalised programme which provides a mix of practical and wellbeing support to help those who are not in education, employment or training.

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