Cathryn Redmond

Twenty-three-year-old Cathryn Redmond has recently completed our Future You programme. Cathryn wanted a better future for herself and her son, which is why she enrolled with us and had this to say about Future You at The B2W Group:

The Future You team is always dedicated to ensuring that the people they work with are taken care of. It’s vital that the programme meets participants’ needs and that they are put first. Individuality is key so that they can achieve their goals; Cathryn is looking for a work balance which also doesn’t clash with her son’s childcare.

The Future You programme also focuses on employability skills, CVs and application forms, Mental Health, Portfolio and Cover letters and making sure participants get the skills and training necessary to move forwards.

Cathryn wanted to find work which would work around her son, and childcare, We found out about Cathryn’s true passion and enrolled her on a Level 3 Hair & Makeup course. The Hair & Makeup course was better suited for Cathryn. As she has more of a passion towards Hair & Makeup, and it’s more of something she can see herself doing in the future, we made sure to support her fully.

Future You ensured that Cathryn was comfortable with the choice she made and support her going forward, as it is our number one goal to get learners into a position where they are happy and confident with their choices.

Following this, we made an application for the Rising Star Foundation grant. This was so that Cathryn could study for an entire year. All the fees were already paid for, and this covered the courses alongside any equipment she may have needed.

Cathryn also improved her CV, which led to her securing some part-time work. This helped her alongside her course to support herself. Cathryn since starting the program with us, now has something in place, with the potential to secure herself a future career in her desired field.

Cathryn engaged so well in the programme and found something she really wanted to do with the support of Future You. Being awarded the rising star grant was a huge achievement and Cathryn is enjoying the course.

Future You at The Back2Work Group

Future You is a personalised programme which provides a mix of practical and wellbeing support to help those who are not in education, employment or training.

Learn more and sign up today at https://b2wgroup.com/future-you/

The B2W Group has a fresh approach to transforming businesses by up-skilling their current staff or bringing an apprentice into the business to add a dynamic and dedicated individual to the team. All of our courses are available through various streams of government funding so are a cost-effective way to provide high-quality training within the workplace.

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