B2W Group's 2022
Environmental, Social &
Governance Report

Providing the building blocks to support communities and making a more sustainable world. 



Safeguarding of learners and employees; strong governance practices and controls; looking after the learner’s interests in finding suitable programmes, courses and employment; quality management of courses and learner materials; H&S of learners, employees and trainers and social value impact, which is becoming increasingly important for public funding.


Quality management and safeguarding of learners remains paramount; as a result, both functions have been strengthened through ISO 9001 certification and the Leaders in Safeguarding award. The customer proposition has also been improved with the acquisition of IT apprenticeships provider Just IT. To integrate Just IT, and future acquisitions, centralised HR and H&S functions have been created. A functional HR Strategy has been developed, and the team intend to build on this with a group-wide People Strategy. H&S has also been enhanced with the appointment of a H&S Facilities Advisor who has created a joined-up system across the group; wellbeing is integrated into this and continues to be a priority. A future focus will be establishing a workable carbon reduction plan that strengthens tenders and supports work winning and achieving carbon savings; this could be integrated into a holistic ESG action plan.



Pillar achievements at 2022 Baseline Review

P1: Climate

  • Attended carbon reduction training and started to develop a plan for carbon reduction. A plan aligned to PPN 06/21 has been published online, supporting the tender process. With this newly acquired knowledge, B2W has assessed its vulnerability to climate change; transition risk is significant given the requirement for decarbonisation through the tender process. Started to measure its scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint.
  • Broaden the scope of the carbon footprint measurement to include material scope 3 emissions, particularly from business travel. Purchase carbon offsets to neutralise B2W’s carbon footprint. This should be considered alongside achieving emissions reduction. Engage office landlords to start procuring green energy. Formalise the carbon reduction plan into a workable action plan and start actioning carbon savings. Ensure the team is accountable through communicating targets and progress against these. Strive for net zero by 2040.

P2: One Planet

  • B2W systemically seeks local tutors to reduce travel emissions and hold courses online where appropriate. The use of public transport and car sharing is encouraged.
  • Investigate the feasibility of phasing out physical workbooks, looking at learner scripts, and moving more courses online. Continue to review the business case for developing courses that will help to skill up the green economy.

P3: Supply Chain

  • Purchasing decisions remain price sensitive; some ethical and sustainable suppliers are used.
  • Complete the L3 Social Value Qualification when it is feasible to do so.

P4a: People (HSW)

  • Employed a Health and Safety Facilities manager responsible for HSW management across the group. Created a dedicated HSW inbox that ensures employees can get timely support on any HSW hazards, risks and issues. Wellbeing is included in the H&S system: risk assessments are conducted for employee wellbeing and are included in board reports. There are as many first-aiders for mental health as for physical health.
  • Consider the feasibility of having 100% of staff paid the Real Living wage (defined by the Living Wage Foundation). As planned, launch ‘time to talk’ forums to support employee wellbeing and relaunch mental health meetings led by the HR and H&S leads.

P4b: People (HR)

  • A HR strategy is in place, but there is a plan to develop this into a rounded people strategy. Percentage staff turnover has reduced significantly. Introduced formal training for all employees during the year, and all have personal development plans. Introduced an I&D policy and some proactive initiatives such as collecting diversity data, but could formalise this into a strategy.
  • Centralise the HR function for B2W group to align policies/procedures and develop a full People strategy for the whole group, embed I&D into the People Strategy. Consider engaging staff on ESG by introducing ESG targets in personal development plans.

P5: Customers & Community

  • Achieved ISO 9001 quality management cert. Strengthened the customer proposition through the acquisition of Just IT. Achieved the Leaders in Safeguarding award, demonstrating that effective and robust safeguarding measures are in place. Introduced a project with local community groups to B2W’s Restart Scheme to support candidates in accessing amenities in their local area and supporting them in finding work.
  • Ensure that quality management procedures at Just IT are aligned with those at B2W. Build on the work carried out with the restart scheme and its local charities to develop a charity strategy with an overall group focus.

P6a: Leadership

  • Implemented a ‘Group governance board’; a full term of reference has been devised, and the diversity of thought on the board strengthened with two additional members from the education and funding sectors. Although, gender diversity has dropped. Cyber Essentials Plus certified. Business code of ethics in place encompassing bribery & corruption, modern slavery, equal opportunities and I&D. Achieved a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating in its last assessment.
  • Continue to broaden the reach of B2W within the educational and commercial arena. Continue to maintain a high quality of training in anticipation of upcoming Ofsted inspections to achieve at least ‘Good’ for the group and strive for ‘Outstanding’. Consider setting ESG targets for the board members.

P6b: Commitment to Sustainability

  • Board members have received training in several ESG topics, from carbon to Mental Health First Aider training.
  • Make ESG a regular board agenda item, specifically include a section on carbon reduction, and develop an action plan that can be reported on.

The B2W Group has a fresh approach to transforming businesses by up-skilling their current staff or bringing an apprentice into the business to add a dynamic and dedicated individual to the team. All of our courses are available through various streams of government funding so are a cost-effective way to provide high-quality training within the workplace.

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