Digital Marketer apprenticeship programme UK

Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Level: 3

Duration: 18 months


  • Lived in the UK or EEA for the past 3 years
  • Spend at least 50% of their working hours in England
  • Working at least 30 hours per week
  • Not currently undertaking another apprenticeship or funded qualification
  • Achieve level 2 functional skills or GCSE grade A* to C (or 9 to 4) in English and Maths
  • Can undertake an apprenticeship at the same or lower level than a qualification they already hold, if the apprenticeship will allow the employee to acquire substantive new skills

Typical Job Roles

Digital Marketing Assistant, Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Co-ordinator, Campaign Executive, Social Media Executive, Content Co-ordinator, Email Marketing Assistant, SEO Executive, Analytics Executive, Digital Marketing Technologist.

The Role of a Digital Marketer

 The primary role of a Digital Marketer is to define, design, build and implement digital campaigns across a variety of online and social media platforms to drive customer acquisition, customer engagement and customer retention. 

To achieve this, a Digital Marketer will typically be working as part of a team in which they will have responsibility for some of the straightforward elements of the overall marketing plan or campaign. The Marketer will work to marketing briefs and instructions. 

A Digital Marketer will normally report to a Digital Marketing Manager, a Marketing Manager or an IT Manager.

Qualification Overview

During the Digital Marketing Level 3 Qualification, the learner will learn marketing principles and how to undertake online campaigns across a variety of popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and increase website visitors via SEO and PPC campaigns

80% of the learning will be done in the workplace with the other 20% being delivered via online resources, live webinars and classroom training by our highly qualified, industry experienced Tutors.

Programme Highlights:

  • Learn how to engage with customers online to increase brand loyalty
  • Understand how to use Hootsuite to save time by scheduling and monitoring content all in one place
  • Learn basic SEO to improve website visibility on search engines
  • Build and manage social media campaigns that reach your target audience
on-the-job training
off-the-job training

20% Off-the-job Training

The 20% off-the-job training is an essential part of the apprenticeship and therefore must take place during employed time. Employers must ensure that this training equates to 20% of the apprentice’s contracted working hours.

What Examples Are There of This Kind of Training?

Off-the-job training could include the following:

  • Classroom Session / Theory or Lectures
  • Competition Participation
  • Industry Training
  • Industry Visit / Conference
  • Learning Support (i.e. reading, writing, time-management etc)
  • Mentoring
  • Reflective Account
  • Work Shadowing
  • Simulation Exercise
  • Teaching & Learning Delivery in the Workplace
  • Webinar Sessions
  • Writing Assignments

Apprenticeship Funding

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What You Will Learn

Principles of Marketing

BCS Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Marketing

Learn about the essential elements of project and programme management and customer relationships marketing and how to increase engagement to retain customers long term. You will also learn about collaboration tools and how to protect your reputation by limiting the information you post online. This unit also discusses the risks associated with being connected to the Internet, and the security measures that can keep your computer system and your personal information secure.

Principles of Digital Marketing

CIM Award in Digital Marketing

Learn the foundations of social media technologies, communication methods and how to engage with consumers using various digital marketing tools. You will build and manage campaigns, develop social media content and learn how to boost brand recognition. You will learn about metrics, analytics and reporting and how risks, reputation, advertising and promoting are managed and maintained.

Principles of Coding

BCS Level 3 Principles of Coding

Understand the basics of logic in communication and of logic gates. Cover the key characteristics and application of popular coding languages such as JavaScript (JS), Java and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The learner will also understand the compatibility of code on different platforms. Individuals will also gain an understanding of web components, terminology, purpose and difference.


Learner Benefits

•  Learn new skills to apply in the workplace

•  Earn while you learn with real experience

•  Keep up-to-date with industry trends

•  Gain internationally recognised qualifications

•  Network with other learners

•  Have full support from tutors throughout

Employer Benefits

•  Effective online presence for your business

•  Increased sales through online advertising

•  Reduced costs on SEO and website maintenance

•  Higher customer engagement and retention

•  Improved conversion rates

•  Targeted campaigns at lower costs

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