Ben Ward

Our Digital Bytesize courses are designed for anyone looking to launch their career or learn more about the world of digital, IT or cyber.  All delivered through a short intensive course. In this blog, Ben Ward, talks about his experience and tells us why others should consider taking part in a Digital Bytesize course.

Why did you choose B2W Group to complete your DBS Course?

I chose to do my diploma with The B2W Group to heighten my skills within the IT sector.

What projects have you completed during your DBS Course?

There were many interesting projects within my course that gave me a chance to improve on subjects I already know and develop myself in a ongoing IT environment. During the course I completed assignments relating to Cyber security, python programming, Web development and office based programs. 

What do you enjoy most about the DBS Course?

My favourite part of the course was the fact we all learnt together and I was able to help people who may have been struggling on a certain topic. 

Why would you recommend a DBS Course to someone?

I have already recommended courses from The B2W Group to many friends. I feel it’s important to keep developing skills. 

What is your advice for anyone applying for a DBS Course?

I would say just go for it, you will enjoy it and get a certification out of it. 

What are your next steps in your career?

My next step in my career is to develop more cyber security skills so I can edge into the sector of IT I want to be in. 

Do you feel confident to progress in your career after your DBS course?

I’m confident to progress within my career now I have done my DBS course and will be looking to continue my training with The B2W Group. 

To learn more about how our Digital Bytesize is supporting local communities, visit https://b2wgroup.com/digital-bytesize/ or email info@b2wgroup.com to get involved.

The B2W Group has a fresh approach to transforming businesses by up-skilling their current staff or bringing an apprentice into the business to add a dynamic and dedicated individual to the team. All of our courses are available through various streams of government funding so are a cost-effective way to provide high-quality training within the workplace.

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