We recently paid a visit to Global Policing, who are currently employing Jed, a Digital Marketing Apprentice from The B2W Group. We spoke with Global Policing CEO Shane Williams, who has been overseeing Jed’s work, about how Jed has been getting on, and the value he’s added to the business. 

What do you look for in a Digital Marketing Apprentice?

“Someone with enthusiasm, someone with drive and someone who can work off their own back.”

What are some of the projects Jed has worked on during his apprenticeship?

“We’ve been looking to develop from scratch a full online training platform and we’ve had to input around 70 courses on there. Jed’s been working very closely with me to get all of the information on there so people can log in and comeple the training courses.”

What impact has Jed made at Global Policing?

“Jed has been completely driving our social media campaigns. So we are putting something online on a day-to-day basis now and we’re getting lots of interaction, lots of messages about the things we’re putting on.”

Why did you choose The B2W Group?

“We did market research for apprenticeship providers and The B2W Group were the ones that stood out. They contacted us straight away and were very clear on the process and how we would get an apprentice and we had someone come visit us very quickly at our organisation. The B2W Group successfully identified Jed as a candidate who absolutely wowed us at the interview and he’s now our apprentice.”

We caught up with Jed to discuss how he is getting on with his apprenticeship and the projects he has been completing.

Why did you choose B2W Group to complete an apprenticeship?

“I actually got a Facebook advert during lockdown while I was already looking to retrain and reskill. Angela from The B2W Group got in touch with me and told me she would love for me to complete the apprenticeship. I got paired with Global Policing and our values sort of clicked”

Jed highlighted some other projects he has been working on during his apprenticeship:

“I’ve been working on content strategies for the website which will include a blog and these will roll out as social media content for each piece that I post.”

What do you enjoy most about being a Digital Marketing Apprentice?

“I just like how it is such a diverse role and how I’m not just sitting at my desk doing the same thing. There’s something new to do pretty much all the time!”

Why would you recommend an apprenticeship to others?

“With an apprenticeship you do learn a lot of diverse things. You do come out of it with a very thorough, overarching knowledge of different aspects to what goes into digital marketing.”

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